Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home!!!this is related to heart..this is related to mother..motherland.But its charming when i think of my sweet home.I have visited so many places one after another..their culture..their lifestyle really mesmerised me.But now i cant help mentioning my homeland..my birthplace Diamond Harbour.If you stay there you will find nothing charm but one thing you can get here is "Stormy wind" by the side of Hoogly river even when you have nowhere to go in hot summer days.Actually i go in the evening with my friends.I talk with them about nothing but dreams.Yes!! its a good place to dream.Black Night..sweet breeze..a starry sky.. the moon is smiling..like some ships are waiting over there..amazing but its real..Believe me buddy.This is where a lonely guy can dream about nothing too.

Monday, June 1, 2009

jodi mone pore sei din gulo kono din o..tahole vebo eta tomar jonno lekha.
vorer halka howay tomay peyechi khuje
sedin akasher nil rong chilo dhusor
jibon ta mone hoto katar stup
Bondhu num e chinlam sedin
takhon bujte parini tumi theke jabe antore
chirokal sathi hoye bidayer dine o
phele asa sob sritir vitor tomar num
chirkut e likhe rekhechi jatno kore
eii biday sudhu biday noy tomake natun kore paoya
ajana k natun kore jana Bondhu num e.
well friends, one thing i must share this..its about my college...My college I.T.M.E where i have spent 4 golden years of my life..Actually it is a residential college..Hostel...yes! this word may sound boring to you guys but if somebody doesnt stay there he will miss lots of things in his life..hostel has given me lots of new friends..new idea to walk in your future..lots of thing i hav just learnt from my Hostel life..Its all about 4 years but when it just ended it was really pathetic..i miss my hostel there..i miss my college life..i miss my friends there.

Actually im a dreamer..i like to think like that..without a dream nobody can exist in this world.

---Ekta swapner jonno--
Ekta swapner jonno
Kichu abayob-mukher aadol
Arr din-ratri-sakal gulo sajiye rakhi,
Kakhono bristir sabde
Gore nie jiboner hatapath;
Akta swapner jonno
Sobdo sajai agochare-
Moner deyale kato
Akibuki kete khuje nei
Jiboner utso.

This one is truely romantic but actually i don't know why i wrote that.check that one.


Ekta kobitar janmo tomar jonno,
Tomar valobasa ai kobitar angikar;
Nil hoye jaoya dupure tomar katha
Mone pore jay akaron-
Valobasar jalchobi eke
Ei kobitar utsargo sudhu tomake.
Golaper papri arr lal toht
Jodi hoy Ei kobitar upadan,
Hote pare ei kobita nichok kheyal amar
Hote pare ei valobasa nichok byrthotha;
Hote pare ei kobita swapno k lekha
Somayer darpon.

Eta liklam tomar jonno....kar katha bolchi bujte parcho na?arre amar swapner katha......

jiboner pothe hathte hathte onek dure chole elam.jibon sikhiyeche onek kichu.satti onek kichu jenechi ajj tomar kach theke.tumi sikhiyecho ki kore pa phelte hoy jibon-pothe..ki kore noukar hal dhorte hoy majh somudre.ekdin kalboishaikhir jhore ami sob kichu hariyechilam.chilo na mathar upore chad tuku.aj ami sekhan theke uthe dariyechi..karon amake uthe darate hotoi.Na hole ami toliye jetam onno kothao.mrityu gras korto amay.na ami toliye jai ni..ami uthe dariyechi.se khan theke amar poth chola suru..suru amar swapno dekha.je akasher niche ami hariyechilam tomake ..sei akash ajj amake swapno dekhachhe .sei swapner opare ache ekta truth.sei satter sandhane ajj amar poth chola suru...

---Kono ekdin---
Ekdin kalbaishakir jhore
Basa vanga pakhitar kanna theke
Prithibir jontrona arr khovke
Upolabdhi korechi-
Hiroshimar akashe tara gune.
Sunnota arr hahakar chiniyeche
Kono ekdiner mrityu kinba
Sristir samahare swapno gunte,
Jibonke chinte;
Jibon chole gaeche dure…..
Bahudure lin hoyeche akk akasher niche-
Sukh-dukhher ‘Simphony’te
Abiram path chalate dekhechi
Jiboner samonnoy.

From the beginning of my childhood i used to paint..it's really interesting when i think of my childhood days.."eii sonali din gulo arr hoyto kono din o phire asbe na"...achha jodi ami sara jibon choto theke jetam?satti kato valo hoto na?asole chotobelar katha mone porche bole banglay likhte echhe holo..jodio amar nijeke bangali vabte e besi valo lage...But one thing i can say, im proud to be an Indian.Anyway, after long long time one day i tried to paint once again..sedin mone porchilo sotti amar toh akar khata hariye gache!!sotti amar chele bela toh hariye gache!!

Sedin aklam computer er paint e...i painted.. thinking i'm a boy of 13(though now im 23yrs of age)..believe me yaar..the sunset at the bank of a river.Birds are returning to their home..Boats are waiting for somebody...its again my imagination..its my world.

Sometimes when i feel lonely then i roam in the world of fantacy.I think & think again about myself...often i travel the whole world by my imagination..Its like a mirror..what i see i write that in my diary.Oneday i discovered i can write poem..yes!! i can..you may not like it..but i cant suppress my emotion..check one of my poem bellow.


Do you know my dreams?
I am searching it again
Hello! Hello!
Is there any shadow of darkness?
I am in search of light,
To bring it back again
. In the dark lane.

Absolute loneliness in my
Silenced room,
I know you will come here
To bless me soon;
Devine love makes me feel-
Graced by God
When I am in the world of sorrow.
Hiii!!!!This is Arijit for you ..Umm!!Let me share some words first.Ok.I'm Arijit from Diamond Harbour just completed my B.Tech in Information technoloy from I.T.ME.Well, what can i say about myself?
I'm a simple boy..no doubt..Music is my firstLove..Guitar is my passion..but most interestingly i'm a bit different from other guys.Is it so?Actually my friends describe me as such but interestingly i believe that.