Monday, June 1, 2009

From the beginning of my childhood i used to's really interesting when i think of my childhood days.."eii sonali din gulo arr hoyto kono din o phire asbe na"...achha jodi ami sara jibon choto theke jetam?satti kato valo hoto na?asole chotobelar katha mone porche bole banglay likhte echhe holo..jodio amar nijeke bangali vabte e besi valo lage...But one thing i can say, im proud to be an Indian.Anyway, after long long time one day i tried to paint once again..sedin mone porchilo sotti amar toh akar khata hariye gache!!sotti amar chele bela toh hariye gache!!

Sedin aklam computer er paint e...i painted.. thinking i'm a boy of 13(though now im 23yrs of age)..believe me yaar..the sunset at the bank of a river.Birds are returning to their home..Boats are waiting for somebody...its again my imagination..its my world.


  1. very nice... the feeling makes it complete!

  2. nicee post my dearr ..very interesting yours blog