Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home!!!this is related to heart..this is related to mother..motherland.But its charming when i think of my sweet home.I have visited so many places one after another..their culture..their lifestyle really mesmerised me.But now i cant help mentioning my homeland..my birthplace Diamond Harbour.If you stay there you will find nothing charm but one thing you can get here is "Stormy wind" by the side of Hoogly river even when you have nowhere to go in hot summer days.Actually i go in the evening with my friends.I talk with them about nothing but dreams.Yes!! its a good place to dream.Black Night..sweet breeze..a starry sky.. the moon is smiling..like some ships are waiting over there..amazing but its real..Believe me buddy.This is where a lonely guy can dream about nothing too.

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  1. great article Arijit ...you expresse yourself very good really congratulations ...dear :)